MadSam TinZin Is The Indian Cottagecore Designer Of Your Dreams

by Raj Desai | 11/9/21

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Ethereal designs by MadSam TinZin over Chinoiserie pattern background

Last week, I had an epiphany. I am…an Aunty…?


I mean, if the criteria is limited to age then yeah. Call me Aunty! (Don’t.) But what about the other aspects of Auntyhood? If I boiled an Aunty down to her most basic form, what would be left? Essence of petty. A dash of zero boundaries. A gravy of inappropriate commentary. That ain’t me! (Fine, you got me on being petty).


Then again. Doesn’t every Aunty deny that she is, in fact, an Aunty? 


These are the philosophical and existential questions I pondered as I did my weekly (obligatory) IG scroll. All these South Asian accounts. Calling out Aunties. When WE ARE NOW THE AUNTIES.


And then, as quickly as my Aunty anxiety bubbled up, it was arrested in its tracks by clouds of tulle. A sea of pastels. The flounce of soft, floral latkans.

Ah, MadSam TinZin. Even the name is otherworldly.

I first stumbled onto this Delhi-based design house when I did research for Dulhan Shopping Guide: New Delhi.


And let me tell you, if you’re all about Indian cottagecore aesthetic (think Rani Pink Love) and ethereal, romantic designs, you’re going to LOVE MadSam TinZin.

Who Are They?

The creative juice and genius for this Indowestern brand comes from not 1, but 4 visionary South Asian designers: Madhuritu Dutta (Mad), Saumya Sharma (Sam), Tina Bhardwaj (Tin), and Stanzin Dazes (Zin). 

Each designer’s expertise in cuts, embroidery techniques, and pattern work contributes to their signature collective style—where structured silhouettes marry avant-garde designs. 

How Expensive Are They?

Pretty expensive…depending on what you’re looking for. 


Custom bridal lehngas can go as high as $5k. But you can find some beautiful pre-designed pieces on their site for significantly less (like this Angrakha-inspired tunic + lycra churidar for $614). 

MadSam TinZin

Fusion ensembles range from ~$350 for kaftans and can go as high as $1k for jumpsuits. 


Saris and anarkalis will run you around $1,000.


And their lehngas are the most expensive, with an online selection priced between $1,500-$2,500.  

Here's How To Buy From Them

The *best* part about MadSam TinZin is that you don’t have to be in Delhi to get your hands on one of their exquisite outfits. (Although if you are, check out their store, it looks AMAZING). 

In addition to their flagship store in Delhi, MadSam TinZin *also* has a presence in Cali, and that’s because half of their founding team lives there. Tina is in San Jose, and Saumya is in LA.


And if travel isn’t in the cards for you (or you just don’t wanna), you can always check out their Instagram page, shop directly on their website, and set up virtual appointments with their team. 


They also have pop-ups in other US locations from time to time, like their NY pop-up that happened in early October of this year. 

Since the creation of your bridal lehnga or custom outfit can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks, you should start the process 6 months prior to your wedding date.


Pre-designed pieces that you purchase from the website take 6-8 weeks.

Other US-Based Retailers

Here’s a list of other retailers in the US that carry MadSam TinZin:


Studio East 6 | Chicago

Doli Boutique | Washington D.C.

Shop Online At Pernia's

If you’re content with shopping for your MadSam TinZin outfits online, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop is the spot for you. Even if you don’t, it’s a good way to see a healthy amount of their designs.


Here are some of my favorite MadSam TinZin pieces available at Pernia’s:

Periwinkle, white and blue lehnga with black border
Fluffy blue sari
Buy the crystal rose sari
MadSam TinZin
Fluffy pistachio colored lehnga
Mint and blush embroidered lehnga
Mauve and green lehnga
MadSam TinZin
Emerald green anarkali
Meadow mist sari
Crystal rose lehnga

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