Meet Puprika Boutique, The Newest In Formal South Asian Wear For Your Pets

by Raj Desai | 1/22/22

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Dog in pink and green South Indian outfit over floral illustrated background

For years, I’ve had this very specific vision of my Aussie, Penny, wearing the hell out of an Indian outfit.

Red tri Australian Shepherd posing with dinosaur stuffed toys
Penny LeBron Desai

I see it perfectly in my mind’s eye: It’s a vivid shade of pink. The fabric has gold detailing. And the bottom ruffles out to accommodate Penny’s wiggly, stereotypically Aussie butt (it’s a thing. Google it).


Imagine my surprise when I found Penny’s dream (*cough* okay, my dream) outfit online a few days ago, sitting there right before my eyes. It was on the website for Puprika Boutique, the newest South Asian atelier for pets. And by the way, the real life version looks even better than I had envisioned.

Pomeranian in magenta anarkali
Magenta anarkali, $130

You, my dear bride, are super lucky to add Puprika Boutique to your list of pet clothes shopping destinations. And luckier still that you don’t have to live in Australia, where founder Meygha lives, to dress your pup up in Puprika’s bow ties, sherwanis, anarkalis, and *even* traditional pattu pavadais (online shopping ftw!). 


After my fortuitous and cosmic Penny-outfit-come-to-life moment, I was curious to learn more about Puprika. Meygha was kind enough to answer my long list of questions about her story, Puprika’s future, and what US-brides need to know about ordering formal South Asian pet wear.


Check out what she has to say below!


Interview was edited for length and clarity. 

I read Puprika Boutique’s origin story and I’m very impressed that when you couldn’t find an outfit for your dog, Sona, you just made one. Is fashion and design something you’ve always been passionate about?

Thank you! And no, I have never been into (hooman) fashion or design until recently! This pandemic has actually been a blessing in disguise for me. Many of us took on a “Covid-Hobbie” while in the numerous lockdowns with all of that newfound time on our hands.


I ended up buying a crappy old sewing machine off Gumtree (Australia’s equivalent of Craigslist) and learned how to sew off YouTube about 18 months ago. Initially, it wasn’t for Sona. I just wanted to know the basics to be able to alter my jeans or adjust a top but as I became more confident, I took on saree blouses and salwars with old fabric I had lying around.


During this time, I was also planning my wedding. I had bought so many accessories for Sona over the years and whilst they were cute, I needed something to represent my heritage and at the time, couldn’t find anything that fit my vision. As a key member of the family, I didn’t want her to miss out on the fun.

What was your aha moment that led you to pursue this as a business?

The reactions to Sona from all my guests on my wedding day were definitely what sparked this idea and I realized that I wasn’t the only one that gained significant joy from including my pet in this way.


There was also nothing available like this in Australia and to be honest, I found myself obsessing over this concept ever since. With another 4 month long lockdown earlier last year, I decided to take this on as a passion project in my free time.


Earlier last year, a friend of mine was planning her own wedding and when she heard about what I was working on, reached out to me.  She was my first customer and her cavoodle Ruby looked phenomenal on her wedding day. That gave me the confidence to launch and put my work out there. 

Out of all your current designs, do you have a favorite?

It’s hard to pick but my favourite would have to be my Pattu Pawadai.


As a nod to my South Indian heritage, I needed to create something that took me back to my childhood and a connection to the motherland. I have never seen a pattu pavadai for doggos offered anywhere in the world. It is my unique offering. I am so proud of it and it’s very close to my heart. I offer it in four color combos and my customers are loving it too. 

Can clients request custom outfits to match their wedding wear? What does that process look like?

They absolutely can! Just reach out and I am happy to work with you to create something unique and special. I love creating matching outfits.


The process is really tailored to the individual as well. I am happy to chat over a video call or via email/ on social media too. Customers can send me fabric if they wish to. I can also source fabrics on behalf of the customer if that’s easier. 

How far in advance should US-based clients place their order?

For any custom orders, I recommend leaving at least 10 weeks from initial enquiry to delivery.


I’m very quick with design and creation but with limited freight services and delays with international shipments due to the pandemic, we’d want to leave as long as possible for the fabrics to reach me, for execution and for me to deliver the order to the customer in time—the earlier the better!


This especially applies during the holiday season (Christmas, Diwali etc). For my existing designs on the website, I’d leave 4-6 weeks from original purchase for a stress-free delivery. 

How often do you add new designs to your collection? 

I plan to launch the new range in late February. It includes some new bows and some unique Indowestern wear for receptions and formal events! 


I’ve also had requests for apparel for other types of pets too—I’ve so far made outfits for birds, rabbits, hamsters and cats! Nothing is out of bounds or too farfetched—I am happy to accommodate requests as long as I can make them functional and comfortable for your pet. 

Is there anything else that US-based customers should know about the order, purchase, and delivery process?

I just can’t stress enough how important it is to leave enough time for delivery. Shipment timing is one thing that’s out of my hands but I will always be honest and transparent about the expected processing times. 


Shipping can be expedited by using more expensive courier services—happy to provide all the options to the customer to suit their specific circumstance and budget.


Also, all my designs have standard sizing with a clear sizing chart for reference—my sherwanis and frocks have Velcro straps that leave a few inches of wriggle room to adjust according to your dog’s chest and neck.


However, I am more than happy to collect measurements (I have a measuring guide available) to create a custom fit. I’ve done this before for doggos with a unique build, such as corgis, dachshunds and greyhounds (or chonky babies like Sona!). Just reach out and I am happy to assist. 

See Puprika’s full collection on their website. For more information about placing an order, email [email protected].

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