Mehndi Cookies So Beautiful, Just Looking At Them Will Make You Salivate

by Raj Desai | 5/11/22

Flatlay photo of pastel pink and white cookies for henna party

Intricately decorated, on-theme sugar cookies weren’t a thing when I got married back in 2016. Well, maybe they were on IG, but we all know how I feel about social media (🤢).

But being the late adopter and ardent lover of party trends that I am, I did make sure to have plenty of sugar cookies on hand for my baby shower. Partly for the wow factor of having a nice dessert spread. Mostly for the insatiable appetite I had for sweets. And when I say insatiable, I mean in a I went into Whole Foods for a cookie and walked out with a whole ass chocolate pecan pie, kinda way.

Yes, I gained way too much pregnancy weight. No, I have zero regrets. And YES, I still love a beautifully decorated sugar cookie. Especially a mehndi cookie.

The shapes! The colors! The designs! 


If social media is good for one thing, it’s seeing the creativity unlocked by people’s quest for a viral photo. And if you’re going to take inspiration for delectable mehndi party cookies of your own, these are the ones to get it from.

This minimal design and gold detailing that screams elegance.

Lehenga cookies that’ll definitely impress your guests. 

Color blocked macarons to keep it vibrant, yet simple. 

Sage green cookies, ’cause no 2022 list is complete without this color of the year.

Searching for a unique and cute design? Consider these dholki cookies.

Mehndi cookie gift boxes that your guests will swoon over. 

Ombré cookies for a modern and trendy look.

Navy blue cookies with white detailing for some seriously eye-catching contrast.

The classic hand-shaped cookie in a different flavor (gingerbread).

Beautifully boho cookies with a delicate gold design. 

A pastel approach to the classic paisley design. 

Shimmering cookies in a lovely color palette of bright pink, emerald green, and white.

Who doesn’t love a cute elephant cookie?

A vibrant orange floral cookie, because you shouldn’t limit yourself to hand shapes and paisley. 

Having a winter wedding? Take a cue from these snowflake and henna designed cookies.

Mehndi cookies in a variety of colors and South Asian designs, like sherwanis, lehengas, and juttis.

A design and color palette for the super sophisticated. 

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