Nab Your Floral Bridal Jewelry From These 5 Places

by Raj Desai | Updated 6/30/21

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Illustration of Indian bride holding up mehndi hand wearing floral jewelry

I love floral bridal jewelry. And not just the statement pieces we’re used to seeing in bridal updos. I’m talkin’ earrings, necklaces, tikkas, kaleerey, haath phool, and rings.


Sets in playful and vibrant colors are fitting choices for your mehndi or pre-wedding event. No worries if you’re not into loud colors; white is a timeless, classy, and even, dare I say, bold addition to colorful ceremony-wear. 


TBH, it’s hard to go wrong with floral jewelry because it looks on point with everything.


And jussst in case you need another reason to love floral jewelry—it’s a fun choice for your wedding party.


If you’re digging this look but you’re not sure where to get it, here’s a look at 5 floral jewelry pros who can ship (faux) blossoming jewels right to your doorstep.


Bride wearing sage green and white floral bridal jewelry

Le Fleur Jewels

Indian bride posing with one hand over her eye

Prune India

Close up of bride wearing vibrant fuschia haath phool

Suki's Flowers

Married couple wearing floral pink and white garlands

ZM Gajra Re

Baby's breath a pink rose floral jewelry

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