No One Does Art Deco Fashion Better Than These South Asian Designs

Models wearing Art Deco themed South Asian fashion

It’s been a lonnnng 3 month writing hiatus for me (head over to to see why), and boy am I happy to be back!


On top of spending the beginning of this year on designing and creating party goods, I’ve stayed on top of every wedding, fashion, and party trend out there—which means I have lots to share with you. And you know what? Art Deco bridal fashion feels like a fabulous place to start. 

What is Art Deco fashion?

Art Deco fashion originated around 1920 in France, and dominated Europe and the US for the next 20 years. It was a movement that took the angles, patterns, and vibrance from that era’s architecture and art, and applied it to fashion.


An easier way to think about Art Deco fashion is within these 3 categories: flapper, goddess, and athlete


Flapper fashion is all about a rejection of the uber feminine in favor of a more masculine, freeing style. Think fringe, boxy silhouettes, and short dresses. Which makes sense if you reflect on what was happening at that time—men were at war, women were bringing home the bacon. You really expect that to happen under a restrictive corset and mountains of fabric?!

Second is the goddess style. Sensual, silky fabrics. Vivid colors. Sparkly embellishments. It was luxury during a time when people had to do without. 


Finally, there was the athlete look. Loose fitting clothes that were still beautiful, but functional. Sleek, timeless, monochromatic silhouettes comprised of dropped waists, pleated skirts, and even trousers. If you want a visual of who did this well then (and now), look no further than Chanel. 

Art Deco's popularity in 2023

If you think about the genesis of the flapper, goddess, and athletic approaches to Art Deco fashion, it makes sense why these styles are also now dominating wedding looks in 2023.


Brides want the comfort and functionality embodied in the athlete style. The luxury, sparkle, and maximalism of an Art Deco goddess in a post-pandemic world. And even the bold, loud, freeing styles of flapper fashion, because is there ever a time when women aren’t oppressed and restricted?!

If you’re feeling drawn to the history, message, or look of Art Deco fashion, revive the roaring twenties in this century with these outfits for your South Asian wedding.

Price: $2,776

Price: $2,405

Price: $2,707

Price: $1,560

Price: $1,287

Price: $747

Price: $3,445

Price: $1,144

Price: $2,621

Price: $2,145

Price: $1,820

Price: $1,632

Price: $354

Price: $1,841

Price: $772

Price: $1,632

Price: $1,601

Price: $2,152

Loving the Art Deco vibe for your 2023 bridal wear? Let me know in the comments!

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