On A Kaleerey Quest? Here’s A Treasure Trove Of Them

by Raj Desai | 9/6/21

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Birdcage and blush tassel bridal kaleerey

There were technically 2 shopping trips in the months leading up to my wedding—my family trip bound for Surrey/Vancouver. And my mom’s backup India trip because she hated most of the stuff that I picked out in Surrey/Vancouver.


It was actually a good thing that Mom went to India afterwards, because she got a backup set of kaleerey that complemented my lehnga perfectly. I LOVED them.


And the feeling of wearing kaleerey was so fun! I already felt so pretty in my lehnga, full makeup, and actual eyebrows (thanks, makeup team!).


But there was something about putting the kaleerey on my arms…it ignited my “oh shit, I’m about to get married!” excitement.


So yes, I joke a lot about my mom judging my choices, but in this instance, it totally paid off.


Even though it worked out for me, 2 shopping trips doesn’t need to be in the cards for you. And it’s totally avoidable if you use shopping guides, like this one, to plan ahead (Atlanta! Houston! New York!).


I guess what I’m sayin’ is, avoid my mistake. Get your kaleerey purchase right the first time with this list.


Dipi Designs


RJS & Co.


The Kundan Shop

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