Boho pampas grass decor at Mehndi party

Pampas Grass: A 2020 Decor Trend For Your Indian Wedding

Chances are that as you’ve skimmed through Pinterest or Instagram looking for wedding decor inspiration, you’ve come across chic, boho wedding decor using pampas grass. What is it? It’s a tall grass native to South America and planted in sunny coastal areas in California and the southeast. Not so great for planting in your backyard (it’s considered an invasive weed and is banned in New Zealand and Hawaii), but gorgeous (and affordable!) for your wedding floral arrangements. And while it may not be an eco-friendly addition to your landscaping, dried pampas grass is a great sustainable alternative to other wedding flowers. Unlike a lot of other flowers, you don’t need foam to hold together arrangements or water to keep them hydrated. And since they last forever – use an eco-friendly hairspray to ensure longevity and prevent color loss, especially if you buy the pretty pink ones – you can save them from your wedding and use them as decor in your home. Now that you know what it is and why you should consider using it in your wedding, it’s time to get some inspiration for what it can look like on your big day. Take a look below to find out how to incorporate pampas grass into your wedding decor.

Bridal Shower

Create a lush and romantic feel for your bridal shower with just a few pink pampas grass leaves in a simple glass vase. Purchase tall centerpieces from a range of a 4 piece to a 30 piece boutique here.

Pampas Grass Wall

Who needs a floral wall when you can have one made of pampas grass? We are OBSESSED with this 20-foot display – although you certainly don’t need to make it as big to bring this beauty to life at your own event.

Sangeet Or Mehndi Decor

Thinking about having an outdoor setup for your sangeet or mehndi? Take cues from this dreamy Italian-Indian wedding. Add some texture to an impressive and colorful floral display surrounding some lounge furniture for a modern decor aesthetic. Another way to get the same effect is to create floral arrangements using tall white pampas grass in large decorative floor vases. Place them at different heights to achieve a dynamic look. Purchase 45-inch tall white pampas grass here.

Reception Centerpiece

If you’re having your reception at a venue with tall ceilings, using pampas grass to create a centerpiece is a great way to fill up space. Add a some candles and pull it together with some greenery to complete the look.

Reception Stage Decor

Pampas grass doesn’t always need to be the star of the show. A touch of it goes a long way to elevate your decor, like in this chic reception stage setup in shades of blush and pink by Partyland Sajawat. What are some other ways that you’re using pampas grass in your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!


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