Plan Your Wedding the Agile Way

by Raj Desai | 7/15/21

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The first time I heard of a scrum master I thought to myself, what is this, Lord of the Rings? And here we are in 2021 where the familiar words of story, sprint, epic, and velocity give us a reason to get out of our pandemic-induced stupor every day (JK, it’s always been the paycheck).


Then it hit me. Isn’t wedding planning just a giant ass epic? Scratch that. The many elements of wedding planning—guest list, accounting and budgeting, everything vendor-related, shopping—they’re all epics in their own right.


If you think about doing all of these herculean tasks at once, of COURSE it’s overwhelming. But if Jira has taught me anything (wow. Jira taught me something 👀), it’s that breaking huge projects down into small pieces and visually tracking who’s responsible for what is an effective way to get work done.


And when all else fails, throw it in the backlog.


Maybe it isn’t so impossible to project manage a wedding on top of your day job of project managing. Just do it the agile way. Here’s how.

Hire an agile wedding planner

The first thing I did when I thought about agile wedding planning was Google it. And to my surprise I found a wedding planning business that applies the scrum process to their clients’ weddings.


Scrum Your Wedding offers two virtual packages (important during these COVID times). You can pay a flat fee of $150 for one 60-minute session to “install” the agile process (basically they set you up so you know what to do as you plan on your own).


The second package offers continual support with five 60-minute coaching sessions at $120 per meeting.


Read more about their virtual packages or check out the Scrum Your Wedding guide.

Create your own (free) Kanban board

If you know what you’re doing and all you need is a place to document and track progress, there are a TON of free Kanban boards for you to choose from. Trello, Zoho Projects, Asana, MeisterTask.


To compare them all and find the right fit for you, check out this listicle on the Top 10 Free Kanban Boards for Productive Teams.

Multicolored sticky notes on white board Kanban board

Use our (free) Kanban board

Maybe you’ve bought into bringing agile into your life outside of work but you’re not sure how to break down all the steps involved in wedding planning.


In that case, you might want to check out the Dulhan Kanban board on Trello. We divided the planning process into 6 manageable chunks with to-do lists and links to helpful content.


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