Where To Rent Indian Outfits For Weddings In 2022

by Raj Desai | Updated 4/28/22

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Purple lehenga, raw silk midi dress, and cream sherwani on modern floral background

No matter if you’re into lehengas, anarkalis, shararas, salwar-kameez, or saris, putting together a wardrobe full of Indian outfits doesn’t come cheap.


I LOVE the outfits by Poonam’s Kaurture and don’t regret my purchases whatsoever, but the salwar-kameez I have from her is around $400 and the velvet lehenga I have is $700.


The most recent lehenga I bought, which was from Viva Luxe (had a rough experience shopping on that site, btw), was around $300—and that was the discounted price thanks to the random sale they were having.


A local boutique that sells quality clothes fit for a wedding? That would run me in the neighborhood of a few hundred dollars, too.


I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t go to enough weddings in NC or events in general to justify the prices that I’m paying for these outfits. Every few years I’ll splurge and get a staple piece to add to my wardrobe, just to have, but with trends in Indian fashion changing so quickly and the mini heart attack I give myself and my spouse with every lehenga that I purchase, I need a new affordable way to switch up my Indian wardrobe.


The solution? Renting! I was pleasantly surprised to find out how many companies exist to solve this exact problem. Companies started by women who are frustrated with shelling out tons of money for outfits – AND jewelry – worn once in a blue moon.


Not to mention, if you’re not South Asian but you still want to dress the part, you don’t need to spend several hundred dollars for one outfit for one event. 


Plus, a couple of these companies recognize the need for rentals for your wedding guests and bridal party, and they’ll work with you to curate looks or create group discount codes. ‘Cause be it the hosts or the guests, who doesn’t love to save money on weddings?


Serving NYC only.



Borrow the Bazaar


Leasing Looks


Sani at Rent The Runway

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