Score The Perfect Chooda Set To Complete Your Bridal Look

by Raj Desai | 9/6/21

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How many of you are dedicated enough to wear your chooda for a full year after your wedding?!


I barely made it to 40 days. Mostly because my arms were sweaty and itchy. It was, after all, the beginning of a hot summer in NC.


And with my clumsy ways (I stub my toes and ankles daily), significant parts of the set continued to chip away and fall off. 😬


Even if you’re not going to wear your chooda past your wedding ceremony, you still deserve to LOVE the set that you wear the way that I loved mine (I got them from Evotique).


Plus, you should have fun browsing for it! Not feel like you’re limited by a few options because you don’t know where to look.


That’s the goal of this list—to help you search leisurely, but with purpose.


Oh, and chooda covers are a thing, by the way. If you’re interested in getting a (personalized!) pair for your chooda set, get them from Pirohi by NB.


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