See Modern Takes On The Classic Circle Mehndi Design

Raj Desai | 10/27/22

Raj Desai | 10/27/22

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Modern full stop circle mehndi design on hand from Sahara Mehndi

Here’s a fun fact: Traditional mehndi design motifs are full of meaning. It’s too bad that with the rise of the personalized Louvre-worthy designs henna artists are capable of making these days, traditional designs are getting passed over for being the plain, ordinary, and boring alternative.

Oh, but they’re so far from boring! Let’s take the minimalist circle applied to the palm or back of your hand as an example, otherwise known as a full stop. It’s simple. It signifies the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another, that being marital bliss with your chosen life partner. How beautiful is that?!

Side by side photos of simple circle mehndi design

Yes, I’m well aware that a solid filled circle doesn’t get any more creative than, well, a solid filled circle. But this is 2022 and rules are made to be broken. Why not draw on the full stop’s meaning, and take a little creative liberty while you do it? Why not, indeed.


Get back to basics with these modern takes on the full stop mehndi design.

Mesmerized by the geometric details in this modern approach to the full stop motif. 

This design’s admittedly more mandala than full stop, yet it’s perfect for the maximalist bride.

Double up on the meaning by adding a flower at the center, like this stunning rose.

The only thing more beautiful than the design is the rich, red stain.

Love the scalloped approach to preserving the white space between the circle and the rest of the design.

Here’s another take on full stop meets lotus.

What do you think about the full stop mehndi design? Let me know in the comments below!


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