Siddhartha Bansal’s Psychedelic Designs Are Your Next Lehenga Obsession

Raj Desai | 10/23/22

Raj Desai | 10/23/22

Writer, designer, and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings.

Colorful embellished lehengas on psychedelic striped background

How is it that the phenomenal designs of Siddhartha Bansal are the least fascinating thing about him?

Take, for instance, the poem he wrote about candy jars on other planets to encapsulate the ethos of his 2021 line. And the fact that all his designs are rooted in and inspired by his love of history, particularly the psychedelic, post-Vietnam war period in America. And how skillfully he imbues his optimism and joie de vivre into every color, stitch, and pattern of his artwork.


Learning about the designer behind this 8-year old, Delhi-based label makes the idea of wearing one of his pieces so much more exciting. From casual Western wear to bridal-worthy lehengas, every design looks the way happiness feels (how does he even do that?!).

Here’s one thing that I know for sure—it won’t be long before Siddhartha Bansal takes over the US as the next big South Asian designer. Which makes now the perfect time to shop for your first Siddhartha Bansal outfit.

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The most expensive piece from Siddhartha Bansal costs less than the cheapest lehenga from Sabyasachi. Western wear costs as little as $160, while you can find yourself spending up to $2,100 for bridal wear.

Where To Shop In The US

Currently, Siddhartha Bansal isn’t available from any US-based South Asian marketplaces (although there *are* a few of his dresses at Anthropologie). But you can shop Siddhartha Bansal in person at his Shahpur Jat, Delhi-based boutique, or online at these 2 stores:


Aashni + Co

Pernia’s Pop Up Shop

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