Stunning Magenta Color Palettes For Your 2023 Wedding

Raj Desai | 12/20/22

Raj Desai | 12/20/22

Writer and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings. Designer of South Asian party goods.

Viva Magenta color palette board with outfits, decor, colors, and jewelry

When it came to the 2023 color of the year, the Pantone gods delivered. It’s a color that’s so ingrained in South Asian culture that the options for using it in your wedding décor are infinite. That’s right, the color of the year is none other than the passionate, powerful Viva Magenta.

The folks over at Pantone have so many wonderful ways of describing this shade. Things like “vibrate with vim and vigor,” and “a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration.” You can’t get better than that for a wedding color!


Sometimes Pantone does the most trying to get us excited about their color predictions (I’m talkin’ about you, yellow and grey #neverforget).


What’s great about 2023’s prediction is that when you strip all the fancy talk away, you’re left with a gorgeous, versatile hue that can stand alone as the star of the show, or mix in effortlessly in an ensemble of colors. 


Now, even though it’s a classic and trending color for South Asian weddings, you might have a little trouble coming up with the right color palette that speaks to you. If that’s the case, I’ve put together 5 Viva Magenta color palettes to inspire you and help you build your vision.

Wedding inspiration board feature magenta, salmon, and French blue

I love this color palette because French blue is a beautiful color on it’s own, but combined with magenta and salmon it’s next level.


This palette is a modern and chic choice for a wedding, and works equally well for a maximalist aesthetic or a minimalist one. Stick with wildflowers for a relaxed vibe, or go for peonies or ranunculas if you want a more formal feel.


Bangles: Banglez | $21.25

Bridal wear: Adi by Aditi Khandelwl | $1,215

Groomswear: Payal Singhal  | $423

Necklace: Anayah Jewellry | $137

Bougainvillea inspired wedding color palette

Marigolds are the default choice for South Asian wedding florals, but this year, root your Viva Magenta aesthetic in another quintissintial South Asian bloom: bougainvillea.


Sumptuous shades of teal and royal blue round out this bold and brilliant palette, and stick with light accent colors and gold metallics to liven things up. Don’t forget your block print bougainvillea décor for an added festive touch!


Bangles: Banglez | $58.73

Bridal wear: Aneesh Agarwaal | $1,547

Groomswear: Bubber Couture | $423

Juttis: Jutti Express | $59

Orange and purple wedding decor

Bring back the marigolds for this serene, lux palette that positions Viva Magenta in a supporting role to vibrant orange and soothing lilac. 


Lean into some of this year’s biggest design trends by using this palette for a regal peacock theme, or a sparkly Art Deco one.


Bangles: Banglez | $24.20

Bridal wear: Geisha Designs | $3,575

Groomswear: Gujrals | $696

All pink wedding color palette

All pink everything never goes out of style. Go with a monochromatic Barbiecore color palette that hearkens a warm, bubbly vibe for your wedding events. 


Make it Art Deco with geometric wedding wear from Amit Aggarwal, or turn up the fun with an all-pink carnival-themed affair


Bangles: Banglez | $50.65

Bridal wear: Amit Aggarwal | $2,015

Groomswear: Gargee Designers | $850

Juttis: 5 Elements | $55

Viva Magenta Color Palettes

Here’s a surefire way to wow your guests—choose a palette that’s an explosion of deep, rich colors like magenta, orange, and teal. This palette works well for every event, from a DIY mehndi to a destination wedding reception. Use oversized paper flowers (another 2023 party décor trend) to show off your colors in a way that’ll surprise and delight your guests.


Bangles: Banglez | $21.26

Bridal wear: Aisha Rao | $2,178

Groomswear: Chrka Men | $273

Juttis: Coral Haze | $51

And there you have it, 5 joyous and lively Viva Magenta color palettes to use for your 2023 wedding events. Do you have a favorite out of the 5? Share in the comments below!

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