Sweet, Chic Mehndi Cookies That Will Delight Your Guests

Get inspired for your mehndi party with these beautifully decorated, perfectly on-theme cookies.

White paisley mehndi cookies and pink and gold leaf mehndi cookies

I swear, it feels like I made the first mehndi cookie post only yesterday. Yes, yes, it *has* been longer than a day since that post (a year, to be exact). But even in the span of just 12 months, the cookies that people have shared since have exploded in color, detail, and creativity.


I want you to remember that mehndi cookies are a superfluous detail in the grand scheme of things. If you don’t have them, it won’t matter—so don’t stress about it if your budget or sanity don’t allow for them. I opted to have custom cookies at my baby shower; the guests barely touched them and I ended up eating sugar cookies for weeks afterward (my evil plan all along mwahahahaha).


But if you’re gonna have cookies at your party, you should take inspiration from these beauties. From traditional paisley designs to hand shapes, there’s a buttery soft sugar cookie to match every aesthetic. Drooling yet? 


Which of the mehndi cookies hit your sweet spot? Share in the comments below!

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