The 1 Décor Trend That Every Bride Will Love

by Kirti Patwari | 7/6/22

Palm leaf mehndi backdrop in colorblocked pattern of pink, green, saffron, blue, and white
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We often underestimate the power of decorations to shape the memories of our lives. And more than that, how they make us feel in the moment.

I strongly believe that décor can make or break an event and picking the right décor for your wedding is crucial. One décor trend that I’ve been eyeing for a while is color blocking. It’s been ruling the charts for quite some time and can be implemented in multiple ways for a South Asian wedding.

Color blocking involves pairing a few solid hues together to create a harmonious look. It’s origin story may be in the fashion runways, but (as most trends do) it’s seeped its way to party and wedding décor. 


Eager to color block your way to a beautiful wedding? Here are some setups to inspire your own. 

This set of steps meticulously layered with contrasting flower petals is an innovative way to color block. 

Who says color blocking is only for contrasting colors? Burnt orange is overlapped by a sweeter Fanta shade, resulting in a refreshing citrusy setup.

Periwinkle and gold party plate on emerald green background with candy pink accents

periwinkle color block.

With our henna plant patterned party plates. Limited stock available.

Pretty pastels are layered melodiously for a leafy background that’s perfect for wedding photos.

With colors plucked right from the rainbow, this stage setup is an exotic menagerie of bright colors and décor.

This magnificent mehndi setup studded with lavenders and lilacs is soft and elegant. 

I just can’t take my eyes off of this gorgeous blend of floral décor and painted plates. The lotus theme reflects beautifully through the pink and blue color block.

Call in the paparazzi because I’ve found the most delightful photo booth ever! A colorful rhombus of leaf-cut décor, this backdrop deserves a spot on your wedding Pinterest board.

This Moroccan-style bar is a spectacular example of color blocking. It shows that even the most random colors can be a treat for the eyes when they’re used the right way.

Zestfully dyed drapes come together here to add life to the entrance. 

Give your wedding a facelift with this prismatic décor idea. The use of kites is both innovative and a sign of tradition. 

If these setups have taught me anything, it’s that there’s no wrong way to color block your wedding. No matter what color combination and arrangement you choose, your wedding décor will look incredible. Which décor backdrop was your favorite? Share in the comments below!

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