The 3 Most Important Things To Know About The Sabyasachi NYC Store

by Raj Desai | 10/7/22

Picture of Sabyasachi model over NYC illustrations

Even before opening, the Sabyasachi NYC store has become legendary. 


Not because the world’s most famous South Asian designer is setting up his first official shop in the US. Or because US-based brides are finally getting a much needed addition to the 5-star bridal shopping experience in our home country. 


No, it isn’t any of those things that give the Sabyasachi NYC store it’s legendary status. It’s because after nearly 3 years of hazy internet reporting (you’re welcome) and zero official word about an opening date, I started to think it would only ever exist as a legend; whispers of a Sabyasachi NYC store that never came to be.

Despair not! Because we have (drum roll, please) official word on when those Bengal tiger emblazoned doors are going to open.


And would you believe that lil’ ole me is the one to break the news?! I know, it’s crazy. It only took months of peppering the customer service staff for info and being told, “Sir/Ma’am, please check Instagram,” reaching out to the architect, and getting a referral to an actual insider before I got the scoop. 


Okay, okay, enough of the small talk! Here are the 3 most important things to know about Sabyasachi NYC.

Grand Opening Date

Doors officially opened on Sunday, October 16th.

decked out for diwali.

New ✨ Dazzle your guests with our vibrant, glittering collection.


The Disneyland – née, Disney World – of Indian bridal shopping is situated in a building as impressive as the 6,000 square foot paradise that it houses: The Archive building in the West Village. Fair warning: Keep your face mask handy, because apparently the building smells like pee. 👀

The Archive

The exact address is 160 Christopher Street, and according to Google Maps it looks like this:

Google image of Sabyasachi storefront

Thank you Sabyasachi for inviting me to the launch of your NYC flagship store ?? Each room was articulated to perfection. “2.5 years in the making” is the quote from the man himself #sabyasachi #sabyasachinyc #sabyasachiflagship #sabyasachilengha #sabyasachistore #nyc #fyp #desi #weddingtiktok #fashion #bengali

? love nwantiti x haule haule by audiosiax on insta - desiieditsbyriya <3

How To Make An Appointment

Starting on October 16th, you can call the store directly to schedule your appointment at 646-799-8400 (which, if you’re going bridal shopping, you should definitely do). Walk-ins are also welcome. 

This NC gal currently has 0 plans to go to NYC, which means I’ll be waiting with bated breath to hear what your Sabyasachi experience is like. Did it exceed your expectations? Is it overrated? Share in the comments or email me at [email protected].

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