The Best Places To Shop Online For Indian Clothes & Jewelry

by Raj Desai | Updated 9/16/21

All outfits listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan is not compensated for any of the following recommendations.

Model wearing Papa Don't Preach formal wear

I’m going to kick this off by saying that most boutiques and designers will accommodate you, no matter where you are.


For South Asian formal fashion, especially for those of us in the US, that’s somewhat of a necessity.


But when I talk about a digital shopping experience, I’m not referring to an Instagram feed followed be DM’s and Whatsapp messages and emails.


I’m talking about a website with an easy-to-follow user interface. Where you can see the outfits, the price, select your size, ‘Add to Cart’, and call it a day.


Whether you’re the bride or the guest, there *are* business making it insanely easy (…almost…too easy…😇) to shop for your wedding events and get high-quality lehngas, saris, blouses, suits, and jewelry delivered straight to your door.


So what are you waiting for?! Check out some of my favorites and start shopping!

Mani Jassal

Good For: Bridal, Wedding Guests


Mani Jassal is a designer renowned for her edgy and modern take on traditional Indian outfits that are designed and made in Canada.


She incorporates high-end fabrics with playful prints to deliver collections that are sexy and incredibly unique (hello, Cotton Candy sari!).


And if you can’t travel to her brick-and-mortar boutique in Toronto, you can still shop from her extensive collections online.

The Saree Room

Good For: Wedding Guests


Another Canadian gift to us here in the US, The Saree Room was born out of frustration with the poor customer service shopping experience and dearth of modern and fashion-forward designs.


With an emphasis on mix-and-match pieces, it’s never been easier to update your wardrobe (2-day shipping FTW) without breaking the bank.

Holi Chic

Good For: Bridal, Wedding Guests


Take Indian fashion and add a bit of boho flair with a lot of NY edge, and you get Holi Chic.


And depending on how you like your Indian outfits, they’ve got a little bit of every style for every taste.


Feeling like a traditional lehnga or anarkali? How about turning it up a notch with a dhoti sari? Or going full Indowestern in a pantsuit?


Yeah, they’ve got it all.


Good For: Bridal, Wedding Guests


Are you eager to find formal wear from trusted names that’ll make you stand out from the crowd? Then you’ll want to take a look at the curated collection at BisouNYC.


Shop from the fashion-forward outfits of Rashi Nangaliaa to the eye catching collection from Papa Don’t Preach.


Good For: Wedding Guests


A relative newcomer to the scene, Sani is an NC-based design duo offering a mix of lehngas, saris, dhotis, palazzos, mix n’ match pieces, and even jewelry.


While they don’t have a brick-and-mortar location where you can try on their styles, you can sample a few of their pieces before purchasing through their collaboration with rental juggernaut Rent The Runway.

Terra Inde

Good For: Bridal, Wedding Guests


If you’ve got your eyes on the hottest designs from established South Asian designers like Falguni & Shane Peacock, The Little Black Bow, and Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor, then Terra Inde is for you.


Even if you aren’t able to visit their showroom in Boston (by appointment), and you can check out their current collaborations on their website.


The latest addition to the bunch? The colorful, quirky, and whimsical designs from Papa Don’t Preach.

Harleen Kaur

Good For: Bridal, Wedding Guests, Bridal Party, Groomsmen


When I discovered NY-based designer Harleen Kaur, I was SO sad that I missed out on purchasing outfits from her line and collaborating on custom pieces with her for my wedding.


Her creativity and eye for using loud prints, vibrant colors, and bold designs results in effortlessly stylish outfits for women, men, *and* for kids.


I’m also crazy about the fact that she sells stylish turbans for the fellas—again, REALLY could have used her for my wedding!


Good For: Bridal Party, Groomsmen, Wedding Guests


One of the most affordable brands in this list, Miami-based Phera has an extensive collection that is perfect for your wedding party.


Peruse their site and you’ll find stylish yet simple pieces that your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be excited to wear on your wedding day—and for events afterwards.


Good For: Bridal, Bridesmaids, Wedding Guests


No matter if you’re the bride, groom, or just attending a wedding, Banglez has something for you.


Brides can order a chooda set, kaleerey, bajubandhs, and a full jewelry set. Grooms can get their kalgis and haars.


Bridesmaids can get matching bangle sets.


And wedding guests and brides can get custom designed bangle sets.


My favorite thing about Banglez is that they’re committed to being a green business by using UPS Carbon Neutral, which supports projects that offset the emissions that come from shipping products.

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