The World Is In Love With Rahul Mishra

A yellow pant suit, a Santorini gown, and black embellished gown designed by Rahul Mishra

Choosing designers to write about for these spotlight pieces is a serious affair. Here’s my process: I procrastinate on time-sensitive tasks. Aimlessly explore designer South Asian outfits online. See something I like. And BAM! Designer spotlight! Like I said, it’s serious stuff.


In reality, that’s only partially how I pick designers. Yes, an eye-catching design is important. But I also think about accessibility–is this a designer that’s priced reasonably, and available to purchase for us South Asians in the US?


For Rahul Mishra, the answer is no. For instance, this one piece I’m seeing floating around on TikTok will set you back a cool $12,987. If you’re wearing this to your wedding, you’re either an “eat the poor” kinda rich, or you’re a celebrity who gets to wear it for free.

Black embroidered gown and cape from Rahul Mishra

Since most of us can’t afford to wear Rahul Mishra, why bother writing about him? 


Because if you’ve been paying attention to any big fashion moments as of late, like the Oscars or the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center opening (NMACC), Rahul Mishra is everywhere.

Even if you’re not going to wear a designer worn by the likes of Zendaya, Law Roach, and Gigi Hadid to your wedding, learning about him is important because you’ll turn into an educated consumer (and when has that hurt anyone?!). You’ll understand more about the South Asian fashion industry, how things are made, and how much they cost. And maybe even discover what’s important to you when you pick your wedding outfits.


Also, if you love Rahul Mishra’s designs and hate the price, I’ll give you the scoop on who can give you a similar look for way less!


Rahul Mishra is among the upper echelons of society now, but he started out just like the rest of us–being forced into a career in the sciences by his parents (relatable). Instead, he followed his passion and switched to a career in the arts. He launched his label in 2008, won the prestigious International Woolmark Prize in 2014, and has been on the Paris runways ever since. 


When it comes to design, Rahul Mishra is inspired by fashion that’s a rare luxury for its time. In an interview with Lifestyle Asia, he noted:

“In the early 20th century, Maharani Gayatri Devi’s printed chiffons seemed more luxurious than a Kanjeevaram because so few could access it, and because it was the height of technological innovation at the time. Today, the focus is returning to hand-crafted luxury because mass-produced clothing is available to everyone at such cheap rates.”

And that’s exactly what you get from Rahul Mishra—handcrafted luxury that’s an ode to his love of India, nature, and nostalgia.


What’s a weird flex in your world that no one else would understand? For Indian bridal fashion, it’s donning a design from a top tier designer as a show of wealth–and for the next year, Sabyasachi and Papa Don’t Preach are going to take a backseat to Rahul Mishra. 


Rahul Mishra outfits are wildly expensive (runway looks topping at $13,000; least costly look coming in at under $2,000). Honestly, I’m surprised that they don’t cost more, considering that high fashion outfits on Hollywood red carpets that are blah in comparison can cost anywhere from $30,000 to several million dollars. At least Rahul Mishra is more attainable than that!

Similar Looks for Less

The reason that we’re all drooling over Rahul Mishra is because he doesn’t make clothes, he makes art. Take a look at any of his pieces and you’ll find beautifully designed motifs celebrating nature and history. 


If that’s what you’re drawn to, there’s an abundance of South Asian designs that approach wedding fashion similarly, but with a price tag that will actually fit into your budget:


Payal & Zinal 

Harkiran Basra 

Gazal Gupta 

Payal Singhal 

Would you consider a Rahul Mishra design for your wedding? Let me know in the comments!

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