These 9 Custom South Asian Cake Toppers Will Have You Seeing Double

by Raj Desai | 8/14/21

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan may be compensated for some of the following recommendations.

Pattern of Bengali and Punjabi South Asian wedding cake toppers on gradient background

I might be in the minority here, but I love a good cake topper.


Not the horribly sexist version where the woman is dragging a man away by his collar. Or the weirdly sexual ones where the toppers are groping each other’s butts. (Yes, they exist. Yes, they’re gross).


I mean fun modern toppers, like the ones that are made to look exactly like your dog or cat.


Even though I love them now, buying a cake topper never crossed my mind when I was planning my wedding. It was 2 years later, in the early days of Dulhan, when I happened to stumble across them.


What I found was a far cry from the white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, cake toppers plastered all over the Hollywood rom coms that I grew up with.


Instead, these cake toppers…looked like me. Well, not exactly like me. I mean representative of me—of *us.* Brown skin. Colorful lehngas. Sparkly tikkas. Representation, y’all! It’s powerful and important.


Anyways, before I get carried away on my soapbox, here’s a list together of all the custom South Asian cake toppers that I could find in case you’re eager to get one of your own. Enjoy!

Bobbleheads Etsy Shop

Price: $144.99+

Buy it here

Cake topper of bride in red sari and groom in white kurta

Hello Mini Me

Price: $159

Buy it here

Custom cake topper of South Asian groom and bride in pink lehnga

Price: $159

Buy it here

Love and Luxe Handmade

Price: $65.99

Buy it here

Custom cake topper of Indian bride in red sari, and groom in white and gold sherwani


Price: $55

Buy it here

Custom Bengali wedding cake toppers

Mini U Cake Topper

Price: $190

Buy it here

Custom cake topper of couple in South Asian reception outfits


Price: $197

Buy it here

South Asian couple cake toppers with map and suitcase

Unique Bobble Heads

Price: $149+

Buy it here

Custom cake topper of Indian groom in blue and Indian bride in pink and blue lehnga

Unique Cake Toppers

Price: $200.87

Buy it here

Custom cake topper of Punjabi bride and groom in red and gold

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