Transform Into A Barbiecore Bride In These Pink Lehengas

By Raj Desai | 7/6/22

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Pink feminine lehengas on lavender glittery background

With over 6 million views on TikTok and spreading faster than the latest strain of COVID , Barbiecore is the brightest and most playful trend to hit us this year.

Barbiecore is an exploration on how to integrate and style a 2022 runway and red carpet color favorite – hot pink. Now, I’d argue that the reasons the globe is drooling over Barbiecore – the colors, the fabrics, the vibrance – is nothing new to South Asian fashion. But what is new is that your ability to access South Asian Barbiecore designs that are fit (and affordable) for a bride is easier than ever.


You’ve fantasized about your wedding. Maybe you fantasized about being Barbie. But did you ever dare to dream of a Barbie wedding?! Now you can. Transform into a real life Barbie for your wedding with these lehengas. 

This glittering lehenga with mirror appliques and ruffle cap sleeves.

Pink glittering lehenga from Indian Bridal Company

Price: $696

For a more traditional look, go with this hot pink lehenga covered in gold embroidery.

Hot pink lehenga with gold work from Shyam Narayn Prasad

Price: $1,208

A colorful sleeveless lehenga that would be perfect for your mehndi or sangeet. 

Barbiecore Bridal

Price: $1,429

This peach and pink lehenga with a thick embroidered border. 

Barbiecore Bridal

Price: $946

A deep pink ornate lehenga that’s a perfect choice for your ceremony lehenga.

Dark pink lehenga with minimal gold embroidery

Price: $2,378

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The aptly named Barbie Pink Lehenga that glimmers with white embroidery.

Barbie Pink lehenga with white embroidery from Rianta's

Price: $1,147

A sumptuous brocade lehenga with a strapless blouse for the fashion forward bride.

Warp 'N Weft brocade strapless lehenga

Price: $2,363

Another mirror applique lehenga that would look stunning under the lights at your reception.

Candy pink fluffy lehenga with silver mirror work

Price: $1,472

A candy pink lehenga in designer Abhinav Mishra’s classic mirror embellished style.

Mirror work candy pink lehenga from Abhinav Mishra

Price: $2,419

Nothing’s more Barbiecore than this fluffy skirt lehenga and embroidered crop top blouse.

Fluffy pink skirt lehenga from Asra

Price: $1,512

This gold embroidered that has a mint lehenga to break up the pink.

Pink Siyaahi lehenga with net mint dupatta

Price: $1,688

This lehenga that has multiple shades of pink and delicate floral embroidery.

Barbiecore Bridal

Price: $756

This show stopping hot pink lehenga that lets the color do all the talking.

Hot pink monochrome lehenga

Price: $798

A hot pink and neon blue lehenga that would look right at home on Greta Gerwig’s Barbie set.

Hot pink lehenga with neon blue dupatta

Price: $2,518

A pearl embroidered flowing lehenga from designer Ridhi Mehra.

Pink Ridhi Mehra lehenga with pearl embroidery

Price: $1,874

A candy pink jumpsuit, because lehengas shouldn’t have all the fun. 

Candy pink embroidered jumpsuit

Price: $1,158

This whimsical pink lehenga from the reigning queen of playful South Asian fashion, Papa Don’t Preach.

Papa Don't Preach off the shoulder lehenga

Price: $2,187

A candy pink digitally printed lehenga, perfect for outdoor and tropical weddings. 

Hot pink digital printed lehenga

Price: $1,183

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