Under Sofia Richie's Wedding Spell? Here's How To Recreate Her Bridal Fashion, Desi Style

Learn about the individual elements that created Sofia Richie's captivating wedding style, and how to apply them to your South Asian wedding wardrobe.

Sofia Richie in wedding dress over pink floral background

I can’t get enough of Sofia Richie’s wedding. I mean, not her actual wedding, because I have no idea what it looked like. No, I was too busy staring at the enchanting, radiating, beautiful Sofia. Just look at her!

Here’s what I love about her bridal look: it’s simple. It’s fresh. You’re in awe of her, the person, and not the fluff around her. 


Of course, in the mere weeks since her wedding, a new aesthetic has already been coined to match Sofia’s style: “quiet luxury.” But before I lose you! I know, it sounds like some rich, elitist thing that’s out of reach for us peasants. I assure you, that’s not the case. 


It’s not the money that makes the look, it’s the stylistic choices. The style of her wedding gown, her hair, her makeup, and her jewelry, all of which accentuates the beauty that’s already there.


Take, for instance, Sofia’s wedding dresses. Modest, by today’s Kardashian-stamped standards. But oh so elegant. 


Her jewelry is sentimental (designed by her sis! 🥲), and minimal. A statement earring that doesn’t need size, color, or excess bling to make it razzle dazzle.


Her hair is pulled back into an easy, chic bun. And her makeup is refreshingly natural. 


It’s a bridal look for the history books. Which got me wondering, what does the South Asian wedding version of this aesthetic look like? What style choices do you need to make to recreate the quiet luxury wedding magic?

Pick the right outfit

Sofia’s wedding dress may look super simple up close, but it’s actually a rather dramatic look. A mermaid silhouette. A long cascading train with a veil to match. Lots of delicate beading and lace. Monochromatic.


What’s that look like in South Asian fashion? Traditionally, South Asian bridal style is more ornate, colorful, and showy (which is beautiful too!). But if you look hard enough, you can find designs that cater to a simpler, Sofia-esque style.


Stick with monochromatic outfits. Get your bridal drama from the silhouette, and not the embroidery or colors. Go for something with a simpler dupatta, especially if you’re double draping. And the less tulle to bulk out your lehenga, the better.


The overall goal here is for the bride to wear the outfit, not be overpowered by it.

Wear statement earrings

When I say statement earrings, I’m not talking about the chunky, loud, clunky danglers circa 2010. I mean the quiet luxury version. The “less is more” kind. 


Similar to traditional South Asian bridal fashion, bridal jewelry is typically heavy, ornate, and louder than life.


The key is finding statement earrings that are simple enough to create that Sofia Richie magic, and powerful enough to hold their own without a heavy necklace, tikka, and nath (nose ring).

Keep your hair and makeup simple

Simple and natural bridal makeup didn’t just pop up overnight with Sofia Richie’s wedding—high-profile South Asian brides that have gotten married within the past few years have all gone the more natural route (like Alanna Pandey).


Natural vs. overdone wedding makeup feels like the inevitable swing of the makeup trend pendulum. For South Asian brides, it’s also a modern, renegade choice because traditionally (you guessed it), heavy makeup was the name of the game. 


Sofia Richie’s wedding makeup is all about her glow, that beautiful bridal aura. To keep that front and center, her hair is pulled back in a neat, taut bun. 


Why not copy her exact makeup style for your wedding look? Keep your bindi simple and small. Skip the fake lashes. And highlight your natural glow. 

Which part of Sofia Richie’s wedding style is your favorite? Would you recreate this style for your big day? Let me know in the comments!

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