A Stunning Mehndi Tablescape Can Be Yours With This Inspo

by Raj Desai | 2/10/22

Indian wedding tablescape with henna hand plates

I’m bursting at the seams with excitement about something I’ve been working on for you…

One henna hand party plate over white background
Geode macarons on periwinkle and gold patterned plate

It’s the decoration that your mehndi tablescape never knew it needed—until now. For the traditionalists, there’s the Henna Hand plate set. And trendsetters, you’ll love the Henna Plant plate in 2022’s color of the year, Very Peri.


But plates alone do not a tablescape make (how very Yoda of me). Add color and life with mini appetizers or desserts, an on-theme tablecloth (like my favorite block print ones), topped off with the decorative flair of your choice. 


Let’s get your creative juices flowing, shall we? Here’s a look at some gorgeous setups, AKA proof that mehndi tablescapes are the sweetest start to your wedding festivities. 🍨

From Pinksxo

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