Walk Down The Aisle Under One Of These Bridal Entry Chaddars

Raj Desai | 10/28/22

Raj Desai | 10/28/22

Writer, designer, and walking encyclopedia for South Asian weddings.

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Side by side photo of 2 different kinds of phoolon ki chaddar

Of all the ways to make your journey down the aisle, using a phoolon ki chaddar (which means “blanket of flowers”) is the most beautiful of them all. Not just because of how incredible a floral, bejeweled canopy looks (especially over a South Asian bride), but also because it’s a sweet homage to the family that’s walked beside you your entire life, and still walks beside you now.

Just a few short years ago it was hard to get your hands on one stateside. You either had to know someone in the motherland, DIY it yourself, or buy one during your India shopping trip. You can still do those things. Or avoid the headache and simply order it online.


This is why I love shopping online. These days, the internet is positively overflowing with vendors who are selling ready made chaddars, in addition to ones that can be customized to match your outfit or aesthetic. They come in a variety of colors, flourish, and style, but no matter which chaddar you choose, you’re  guaranteed to feel like royalty.


Ready to lock down your bridal entry look? Check out this roundup of chaddars.

Pink patterned bridal entry chaddar

Price: $96

Phulkari bridal entry chaddar

Price: $225

Gold and pink tiny floral phoolon ki chaddar

Price: $149.99

White floral entry chaddar with colorful blooms on border

Price: $260.50+

White bridal entry chaddar

Price: $229

Bridal Entry Chaddar

Price: $229

Bridal Entry Chaddar

Price: $194.99

Gold bridal entry chaddar with fabric tassels

Price: $110

Red entry chaddar with gold tassels

Price: $100

Floral embellished bridal entry canopy

Price: $466+

Large white bridal entry chaddar

Price: $988+


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