7 Ways To Include Your Pet In Your South Asian Wedding

by Raj Desai | Updated 8/12/21

Illustration of French Bulldogs with flowers on pink background

It doesn’t matter what holiday or life milestone approaches, my first thought is always, “How can I include my dogs in this?


I have more Halloween costumes for my Australian Shepherd Penny and my Cockapoo Sawyer than I have for myself.


My husband and I stopped giving Christmas presents to each other but have increased the amount of gifts we get for Penny and Sawyer.


And out of the nearly 4,000 photos that I have on my iPhone, I’d wager that maybe 85% or more are just of my dogs doing cute dog things like looking at me. Or sleeping.


Clearly, I’m obsessed (understatement). I consider my dogs to be my children. And no, this hasn’t changed even though I have an actual human child now. He knows his place—it’s third after his fur brother and sister.

Thanks to so many of the pet-obsessed that have come before you there are a ton of ways to include your pet in your wedding festivities, even if they can’t be in attendance at the ceremony itself (puppy at the mandap, anyone?). 


An obvious and easy way to include your pet in your wedding is to have them join you for a photo session before or after your ceremony.


Searching for some South Asian threads for your dog or cat to get them picture perfect? (Who are we kidding, they’re always picture perfect.) Check out these 7 companies to find lehngas, vests, dresses, sherwani, bow ties, and more. 

Signature Drinks

Having signature drinks at your wedding? Why not get your pets involved?


NO, I don’t mean serve your dogs drinks. I’m talking about a custom watercolor sign that you can keep for years to come.

Cake Topper

Yes, custom pet cake toppers are a thing and you should definitely get some for your cake!


Get a head start with this list of 12 dog and cat cake toppers. 


If your mehndi artist is comfortable incorporating custom designs into your bridal mehndi, why not ask them to draw your dog?


It’s a sweet way to keep them close to you throughout your wedding events, especially if they can’t be physically close to you.


Not to mention, the end result looks *amazing.*


Get creative with small decorative details to make your dogs part of your wedding or reception.


My husband and I used professional photos of our pups as the centerpiece on tables during cocktail hour.


But why limit yourself to that? Get even fancier and incorporate them in other ways, like custom dog napkins like this one.


There is NOTHING that my dogs love more than a good treat. We can’t even say the words “dog ice cream” without setting off Pavlovian slobber waterfalls.


Treat the dogs (pun intended) of your friends and family with a favor that you know will be appreciated, albeit scarfed down in a matter of seconds. 


Dog art—it’s not just for your mehndi or signature drink sign.


Take inspiration from these dog cookie portraits that almost look too pretty to eat. It’s a cute addition to your dessert spread for any of your wedding events. 

Raj Desai

Wedding writer and researcher who’s been in the game for 5 years. Addicted to Netflix, dirty martinis, and naps.