Wearing Heavy Earrings? You Need These Ear Chains

by Raj Desai | 6/11/22

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Gold ear chains with dangling charms

We endure some painful things in the name of beauty. Shoes so tight they leave us with pinched toes and blisters. Laser treatments and waxing sessions to leave us hairless in all the right places. Fillers, botox, microblading.


Not me, though. I’m very scared of pain, which is why I look like this:

Margaret McPoyle from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia | FX

But even I, the queen of chipped nail polish and uneven thinning eyebrows, wanted to look amazing for my wedding weekend. So naturally by the end of the weekend everything hurt. 


New shoes left my feet red and angry. Whatever areas were spared from my shoes were cut up from the tulle lining of my lehenga. My eyes were dry and itchy from zero sleep and sensitive contacts. I expected all that. What I didn’t expect was the pain from my jewelry.


I knew my earrings were heavy, but I underestimated how painful it would be to wear them for a few hours at a time. It was so painful that throughout the night I kept asking my cousins, “Did my ears rip?!” 


Of course, no one thought to tell me (and I didn’t think to research) that all my problems would have been solved with ear chains, also known as saharey or kaan chains. They’re a supportive accessory that not only look beautiful, but serve the important purpose of distributing the weight of your heavy earrings. 


Choose from 2 styles – one wraps around your earlobe, the other clips into your hair – and countless designs. They’re affordable, stylish, and functional. Beauty without the pain—finally!

A delicate chain with just enough embellishments to add some sparkle to your look. 

Model wearing heavy earrings supported by ear chain that clips into hair

Price: $7.20

Detachable chains with colorful beads, shimmering stones, and pearls.

Ear chains with stones and beads in green, ruby, and white

Price: $52.14

A simple, strong gold chain that’ll get the job done. 

Delicate and strong gold ear chain

Price: $8.99

Brass ear chains that come with 1, 2, or 3 strands depending on the level of support you need.

Ear Chains

Price: $8.99+

A design that’s not too flashy, but has the right amount of pizzazz. 

Ear Chains

Price: $15.72

Link-style chains that are trendy, timeless, and look good with everything.

Ear Chains

Price: $8.99

Antique polki and pearl ear chains to add a regal touch to your look. 

Antique looking polki and pearl ear chains

Price: $40

Ear chains in a traditional color combination–red and green – to match traditional jewelry.

Simple gold plated ear chains

Price: $14.85

Gold plated kundan ear chains for the minimalists. 

Ear Chains

Price: $18

An impressive ear chain set boasting 7 pearled strands. 

Pearl and gold ear chains with 6 strands on each side

Price: $48

Cubic Zirconia embellished ear chains that twinkle in the light.

CZ sparkly ear chains

Price: $42.99

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