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by Harleen Virk | Updated 9/16/21

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It’s not easy to have all your Desi wedding needs fulfilled in the States.


These days we’re seeing more and more designers and brick-and-mortar shops popping up all over the US, but they don’t get close to matching the options that abound on an India shopping trip.


Plus, the foreign exchange rate might even save you some $. But how do you start shopping in a place you barely know?


Luckily for you, this is a well beaten path, I mean, come on, for better or for worse (pun intended) weddings are the center of our culture. And thankfully the internet can help give us insight to save you some time.


While you get your Visa paperwork updated and lock in your flight dates, take a look at the following 13 videos in 3 of the most popular shopping Delhi shopping districts – Chandni Chowk, Shahpur Jat, and Karol Bagh – to start planning your wedding shopping trip.

Chandni Chowk

Kick things off in one of the go-to shopping districts in the city—Chandni Chowk.


A lil’ history for you: Chandni Chowk is a market established in the mid 17th century designed by the eldest daughter of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (you know, the guy who ordered the building of the Taj Mahal), Jahanara Begum. It was once a vibrant and attractive market bringing in visitors from Asia and Europe.


Although much of the aesthetic charm has been lost, it boasts one of the greatest wholesale markets in Delhi. 


It’s here in Chandi Chowk where you can find many different shopping experiences from couture to designer knock offs – all at varying price ranges.

'Shopping in Chandni Chowk' by The Wedding Brigade

First of all, if you haven’t heard of The Wedding Brigade, definitely check them out.


They have a ton of amazing decor and fashion inspo for you, plus practical tips from beauty to shopping (like this video) that every South Asian bride should know.


In this video, you’ll find out how to research and plan your shopping trip, and meet some Chandni Chowk retailers.

'Wedding Lehnga Latest Collection' by DesiGirl Traveller

DesiGirl Traveller’s YouTube channel is Delhi shopping (and eating. And sightseeing. And everything else!) GOLD.


This video in particular shows her spending time in one of her favorite stores, Madhur Milan, while she digs through their 2019 collection, which may not be super helpful to you if you’re looking for a list of stores, not just one.


But don’t fret!


She has videos galore of Chandni Chowk shops on her channel, so take a little time and search for some that are appropriate for your needs.

'Chandni Chowk Market Walk 2.0" by The Wedding Brigade

Here’s another super helpful video from The Wedding Brigade that takes us on a tour of 4 shops.


This list offers everything from heavily embroidered lehngas to simple and classic styles for those of you into the minimal look.

'Chandni Chowk Wedding Shopping Under 1 Lakh' by WedMeGood

AKA, $1400 USD.


WedMeGood is another fantastic India-based wedding resource (seriously, check out their blog). This video is amazing because it caters to those of us who are searching for budget-friendly finds.


So if you’re curious to find outfits that fit within a certain price range, then this is the video for you! 

'The Bridesmaid Goes to Chandni Chowk' by UrbanClap Weddings

Yet another awesome Indian wedding resource, UrbanClap Weddings, has started a new series dedicated to helping you discover some amazing clothing finds.


Don’t be fooled by the title – the goal of the video isn’t to focus on bridesmaids’ clothing, but wedding lehngas from the more popular boutiques like Asiana Couture (which pops up in a lot of these videos), to more unique, contemporary, and boho finds for those of you with modern and edgy taste.

Shahpur Jat

Shahpur Jat is a marketplace that meshes both rural and urban in perfect harmony.


It’s one of the hippest shopping districts in Delhi that has vibrant artwork on it’s street walls and a knack for the quirky (which absolutely translates to the fashion you’ll find here!).


It’s not all too uncommon to see a farm animal leisurely stroll by mannequins dressed in anarkalis.


The community was once a production hub for rookie fashion designers and it is now a retail area that has more than enough for your wedding needs.

'Shopping in Shahpur Jat' by The Wedding Brigade

For the Shahpur Jat store list to end ALL OTHER store lists, look no further than The Wedding Brigade’s Shahpur Jat shopping guide.


This video will give you a great idea and insider peek of the type of style that Shahpur Jat is known for.

'Sneak Peek into Your Favorite Designer Dresses' by Tanav Mukti Kendra

The host of this video, Tanav, will take you inside a few stores in Shahpur Jat like Preeti S. Kapoor, Akansha Hans, and Pakhi Creations, all of which have reasonably priced ready-to-wear collections.

'Wedding Shopping in Shahpur Jat on a Budget' by What's Hot

This video may be brief and lacking specific shop details, but it will give you a STUNNING inside look at some of the classy boutiques that the shopping district has to offer.


Shopping in India can sometimes be difficult as a non-resident Indian (NRI), but these shops have all the glamour that we want to see when shopping for our weddings.

'Best Wedding Lehengas in Shahpur Jat' by WedWise TV

All right, bridesmaids, this one’s for you! WedWise TV takes us on a shopping stroll through Shahpur Jat with their top 5 picks to help your bridesmaids look their best.


The host highlights awesome Indowestern and modern pieces along with those that are a little more traditional. 

'The Bridesmaid Goes to Shahpur Jat' by UrbanClap Weddings

UrbanClap Wedding’s Shinjini is back for another in their Bridesmaid’s series! This time she takes us through some of her favorite small boutiques in Shahpur Jat (why can’t we have stores like this here?!).

Karol Bagh

Our third and final stop in Delhi is Karol Bagh. This area still retains an old world charm and hosts branded showrooms and traditional open air markets.


There are 3 popular areas in Karol Bagh for shopping, Ajmal Khan Road, Gaffar Market, and Tank Road.


Not only will shoppers be spoiled with budget-friendly choices here, but you can also find second-hand books and great Indian street food (ALWAYS a bonus!) to help ease the stress from wedding shopping.

'Karol Bagh Market: Lehenga and Sherwani on a Budget' by DesiGirl Traveller

DesiGirl Traveller brings us another super helpful video on shopping – and this time she even throws in a little somethin’ somethin’ for the fellas.


This video will expose you to the budget-friendly side of Karol Bagh Market on her search for lehngas, sherwanis, and so much more. 

'We Went to Karol Bagh to Shop Deepika Pandukone's Kaleeras' by Navya Anand

While a lot of the other videos highlight multiple stores for wedding wear, this one by Navya Anand focuses on one specific type of jewelry – kaleerey – like the ones worn by Bollywood star Deepika Padukone at her wedding.


We follow along into one specific store in Karol Bagh, Raabta Jewels, and get a feel for what the shopping experience is like, the pieces they have, and what options you have for custom work.

'Karol Bagh Market: Gaffar Market' by Khulasa News

This video is geared more towards the entire experience of visiting Karol Bagh, from a long stop at a budget-friendly shop to a stroll through the streets of Gaffar Market.


Start watching at 00:37 and conclude at 4:07 to get straight to the shopping.

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