Welcome Signs To Set A Wondrous Mood For Your Mehndi

by Raj Desai | Updated 5/27/22

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Bohemian illustrated welcome sign for mehndi party over ombre blue background

I didn’t have a welcome sign for my mehndi (I don’t remember them being as common in 2016), but I *did* have one for my baby shower. I loved it for 2 reasons: 1), it was a way to warmly welcome guests without having to stand by the door to shake every hand and hug everyone. And 2), it made the theme and vibe of my shower come alive.

Baby shower over the moon welcome sign

You wouldn’t think something as simple as a welcome sign would have that kind of an effect, but it does! In fact, if you really think about it, it’s never one big expensive display that thrusts you into a world of fantasy and fun (à la Disney).


It’s the combination of small details and tiny illusions that fill you with awe.

This is my long-winded way of saying that a magical first impression doesn’t need to break the bank. And these welcome signs for your mehndi party are proof of that. 


But before you look! Here’s a pro-tip: 


If you’re stuck on how to decorate your mehndi event, checking out these welcome signs is a (weirdly) great place to start. Are you drawn to certain colors, patterns, or styles? Pick what sticks out to you and use it to inform your other design choices. 

Bohemian illustrated mehndi welcome sign

Price: $15

Green mehndi welcome sign with cute hand illustrations

Price: $15

Pink mandala wedding sign

Price: $60+

White mehndi welcome sign with blue, pink, and gold border

Price: $10.99

Henna hand plate with colorful geode macaron cookies

dazzling mehndi décor.

Made possible by the recyclable Henna Hand plates. ✨

Illustrated mehndi sign

Price: $10.99

Mehndi welcome sign with green cutrains

Price: $8

Mehndi welcome sign

Price: $6.67+

Green mehndi sign with rickshaws

Price: $15

Pink mehndi sign with henna hands illustration

Price: $11

Upside down umbrella illustration on mehndi welcome sign

Price: $11

Umbrella tassel mehndi welcome sign

Price: $15

Minimal mehndi sign with bride on mehndi swing

Price: $15

Mehndi sign with bride illustration

Price: $15

Pink mandala mehndi welcome sign

Price: $10.99

Mehndi welcome signs

Price: $18

Colorful mehndi welcome sign

Price: $60

Green and pink illustrated mehndi welcome sign

Price: $15

Floral romantic mehndi welcome sign

Price: $29.17

Green modern mehndi sign

Price: $29.17

Floral pink and red mehndi welcome sign

Price: $29.17

Pale pink, gold and white mehndi welcome sign

Price: $29.17

Maroon and gold mehndi welcome sign

Price: $29.17

Mauve pink mehndi welcome sign

Price: $20.84

Mehndi welcome signs

Price: $20

Olive green and gold mehndi welcome sign

Price: $31.67

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