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What is Dulhan Goes?

We looooove shooting our Dulhan Goes series! The whole point behind these videos is to digitally introduce NC couples (we’re keepin’ it local for now!) to vendors and wedding events around our state because we know that y’all are busy and you probably don’t have the time to check them all out yourselves.

Where have we been so far?

Our first video took us to Mithai Indian Café, our local sweet shop that specializes in mithai made from natural and locally-sourced ingredients. Owner and proprietor Davina Ray is SUPER passionate about food made the RIGHT way – and you can absolutely taste the difference when you try her sweets! She is also crazy creative and makes mithai that you can’t find anywhere else – coffee Sandesh, walnut chocolate burfi, chocolate almond burfi, mango Sandesh, and more. The BEST part? You don’t have to be an NC resident to have her delicious creations at her weddings – she ships her sweets throughout the US!


Next we ventured out to downtown Durham to check out one of the coolest boutique hotels around: the 21c Museum Hotel. This venue combines the best of everything – the convenience of a hotel for all of your events, amazing art throughout the hotel to delight your wedding guests, and a prime location on Main Street to entertain the out-of-towners during downtime (walking distance to DPAC, the best restaurants around, and even nightlife). And if you think an Indian wedding can’t be held in a location like this, think again! They’ve hosted several South Asian fusion weddings already.


Our most recent adventure was to the Desh Videsh MyShadi Bridal Expo, the first time it’s been held in NC. Again, we know that a lot of you are busy, live out-of-state, or don’t have enough notice to attend an event like this. So we went for you! Be sure to check out the video description for a full list of vendors as they appear in the video.

If you have any questions about the places we’ve ventured to thus far, reach out to us and ask! And if you have special requests for future videos we are ALL ears. Drop a comment below or shoot us an email at [email protected].

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