by Raj Desai | 8/31/21

Illustration of hot pink bangles on purple background

I’ve been dangerously close to buying bangle sets during nearly every one of my online wedding research sessions. Then I get to the part where they ask me if I’m a 2.4 or 2.6. 


Annnnd that’s when I give up. 


But now that you (and I 😇) have a list of great designers selling stylish bangles, it’s time to figure out what our sizes are. 


You’ll need a ruler, and either a piece of thread or a bangle from your existing collection (make sure it fits!). 

Illustration showing the supplies you need to measure your bangle size

Method 1: Thread

The idea here is to measure the circumference necessary for a comfortable fit—big enough to make it past your knuckles, and small enough so that they won’t slip off. 


Position your hand like you’re about to put a bangle on by pinching your fingertips to your thumb. 


Then grab your piece of thread and loop it around the peak of your knuckles.


Finally, stretch the thread taut against a ruler to find out your bangle’s circumference. Compare that number to the chart to get your bangle size.

Illustration of how to use thread to find out your bangle size

Method 2: Bangle

This method only works if you have already have a well-fitting bangle on hand.


All you have to do is measure the diameter of the bangle opening using your ruler. Compare that number to the chart to get your bangle size. 

Illustration of bangle and ruler being used to determine bangle size

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