When You Need A Formal Outfit Fast, Turn To These Stores

by Raj Desai | 1/20/22

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan is not compensated for any of the following recommendations.

Illustration of woman online shopping for lehnga

If shopping for South Asian clothes is foreign to you (see what I did there), here’s something important you should know:


Outfits aren’t made until you order them. 


It takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks for stores to produce and ship your purchase (maybe longer these days #supplychainproblems). Tack on a couple of weeks or more for alterations after it arrives, and that puts you at around 3 months before you’re wedding ready.

Who thinks that far ahead?! Post-pandemic me is all about living in the now. And the only wedding I’ve ever thought about *that* far in advance is my own.

Sometimes, we need outfits fast. Like for the wedding that’s happening a few weeks from now, fast. This list is for those situations. Here are some of my favorite online shops with ready to ship sections.

Maya's Desi Boutique




Luxie Couture

Mani Jassal

Harleen Kaur

Riya Collective

The Saree Room


Sushma Patel

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