You’ll Love These Mehndi Cone Covers And Trays

by Raj Desai | 1/16/22

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Picture of pink round mehndi tray over teal paisley background

Wedding planning is chaos (understatement of the year). You’re dealing with a pandemic, working full time, and planning a wedding. How do you do it?! (Make sure you practice self-care!)


It’s understandable-and expected-that small details will fall through the cracks. I forgot entire events (*cough* haldi), so if you miss a decoration here or a sign there, it’s truly not a big deal. 


Mehndi trays and cone covers are a good example of small décor details that are easy to forget. You might not even want or need a tray or cone covers at all (and that’s okay!). 


At my mehndi party, I had a tray where we put the extra henna cones (for kids and people that the mehndi artist couldn’t get to). And if cone covers existed in 2016, I probably would have had those too. They’re beautiful 😍 *and* reusable for other Indian events like Diwali. 


Interested in a tray or cone cover for your mehndi party? This list is for you. 

Pink and gold mehndi cone tray
Green tray with gold henna design

Price: $42.95

Buy the green tray

Sky blue round mehndi tray
Square floral print cottagecore mehndi tray

Price: $61.19 (pack of 4)

Buy the floral print trays

orange, pink, green, and striped trays

Price: $69.99 (pack of 5)

Buy the multicolored trays

Round vibrant blue tray
Set of 6 pastel and floral print mehndi trays

Price: $73 (pack of 6)

Buy the floral print and pink trays

Green patterned fabric mehndi tray
Colorful patterned mehndi trays

Price: $69.99 (pack of 5)

Buy the colorful patterned trays

5 piece pink brocade set

Price: $78.72 (5 piece)

Buy the pink brocade set

Colorful mini trays

Price: $35.99+

Buy the mini trays

Assortment of dark fabric mehndi trays

Price: $75 (pack of 6)

Buy the dark patterned trays

small square blue tray
Multicolored fabric cone covers
Orange and yellow cone covers

Price: $50.39+

Buy the covers

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