Your Inspiration Will Soar With These Bird Mehndi Designs

by Raj Desai | 3/2/22

Flying bird mehndi design from Mehndi by Hina Pancholi

I’ve spent my entire morning down a rabbit hole of pet-inspired mehndi design research (see what I did there) which was fun, fascinating, and led me to discover this beautiful picture:

The Deepti from Love is Blind 2 vibes are strong with this one! 💕


Sure, I’m used to seeing peacocks. But not these other avian designs. Love birds. Doves. Blue jays. They’re simple! They’re ornate! And they’re meaningful symbols of love, weddings, cultures, and religions. 


I’m excited to see what you do with birds in your bridal mehndi. In the meantime, let the inspiration flow from these pictures.

A thin line design that beautifully combines peonies, a birdcage, *and* a bird. 

Swans to represent longevity, love, and fidelity. 

This sparrow and flower design that’s both minimalist and maximalist.

Close up of henna hand plate on vibrant colorful tablecloth

Made for you.

Your party décor is in good hands.

This design that draws your attention to the birds by tastefully placing them in the white space.

A parrot design that makes artful use of the arch of your foot.

A more minimal parrot design that’s just as stunning.

My favorite, birdcages. 😍

This geometric spin on a bird’s flight.

A parrot design that’s so beautiful, it stands alone.

A swan that’s the centerpiece of this dynamic design.

A mesmerizing spiraled peacock.

This design that brings a chinoiserie peacock to life.

Another one from the immensely talented Henna Amelia (Charleston brides, hit her up!). 

A lovely design that makes the most of it’s minimalism. 

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