Your Quest For Modern, Timeless Bridesmaid Lehengas Stops At Desi Is Me

Learn about this US-based bridesmaid boutique that was founded to outfit your wedding party in lightweight, affordable, and ageless South Asian wear.
Periwinkle and candy pink bridesmaid lehengas

Dressing your bridesmaids in outfits that are flattering, comfortable, and priced within reason is one of the kinder things you can do for them. That, and limiting their toasts and speeches (okay, that one’s more for me). 


Not only should bridesmaids outfits be a 10/10 for the people wearing them, but they should also complement the stars of the show—AKA you and your soon-to-be spouse. Seems like a lot to expect from a bridesmaid outfit, right?


Not if you know where to shop! And that, my friends, is Desi Is Me, a bridesmaid boutique founded by Cali native, Millie Barman.


Millie is all too familiar with the pain of searching for a simple, elegant South Asian outfit in the US. In-store options can be grossly overpriced for outdated, ill-fitting, and poorly made designs. Online options these days aren’t much better, and can cost as much as a YSL leather clutch.  


Those are the problems that Desi Is Me is solving. It’s a place where you’ll find stylish outfits that look great in wedding photos. That flatter bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes. And most importantly, that will live beyond a single wedding day. 


Curious to learn more? Here are some important things to know about Desi Is Me, directly from founder Millie. 

The following interview was edited for length and clarity.

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Who is Desi Is Me made for?

Desi Is Me is designed for the modern and young Indian girl! Desi Is Me’s goal is to empower young girls to feel confident in their skin and be proud of their culture.


Growing up Indian in America I felt the market was unrepresentative of the kind of bicultural experience us girls have growing up here. Our clothing is designed for young girls to wear their cultural clothes proudly! This is also really important given how the South Asian community perpetuates a lot of expectations on young brown girls and what is expected of their appearances.

Order with ease

For an order of 5+ lehengas we can customize blouse designs and measurements so that every girl in your bridal party has the perfect fitting outfit. We typically take 6-8 weeks to deliver and all of our lehengas will include pockets so everyone can be at service for the bride! The process is as simple as placing an order on our website and emailing us afterwards for your customization form.

Bridesmaid outfit trends

Bridesmaids will opt for just as much comfort and functionality in their outfit as much as style. Our pockets in the skirts and light cancan do just the trick. And rather than picking the most opulent outfit, I think the bride will want her bridesmaids in a simple and elegant pastel outfit that compliments her.

On sustainability and social impact

One thing we are very proud of at Desi Is Me is that we are a women led business and place a major focus on ethical and sustainable manufacturing.


Rather than working with a big supply chain, we have built a close-knit team of local artisans and tailors in Lucknow, India that work diligently with us to produce our outfits. By recognizing and empowering them through constant support and economic independence, we hope to have a positive socio-economic impact.

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