Your Search For One-Of-A-Kind, Comfortable Bridal Shoes Ends Here

by Raj Desai | 8/17/22

All products listed were in stock and priced as shown at the time this was written. Dulhan may be compensated for some of the following recommendations.

Hand painted bridal slip on shoes

You know what I think is BS? That fashion and jewelry have to be painful to be beautiful. Who the hell made up that rule?! (Probably a man. 😏)

Thank goodness that Poshampa is helping to shatter that standard, especially when it comes to the countless hours spent on your feet during wedding week.


But the BEST part about Poshampa isn’t just the comfort—it’s the style.

Imagine walking down the aisle in your own pair! You can send a DM to Poshampa’s founder, Garima, to customize a personalized design, or shop their existing collection on Etsy.


Take a look at what’s listed in their shop today, or head over to their Instagram for inspiration on what could be.

Customized hand painted Vans with Indian bride

Price: $100

Hand painted Red slip on bridal shoes

Price: $33

Custom hand painted bridal party slip on shoes

Price: $29

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